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Weather & Wind Damage Restoration

We take pride in the role we play in helping you recover from your loss.

Nature is a completely unpredictable force that has the potential to cause damage to your home in a number of ways. Wind can blow shingles off you roof or cause trees to fall. Up in the north we get periods of heavy snow fall which can pull apart trusses and collapse sheds and decks. Recent times have brought dramatic weather patterns that create freezing and thawing cycles that can lead to ice build up on the edge of your roof causing water infiltration into your home.

Universal Restorations is always fast to respond. For local calls we are usually onsite within 1 hour of receiving a call, evaluating the damage and identifying any potential safety hazards. Our skilled trades men and technicians will quickly secure your property and eliminate any threats to the safety of your home and family. Universal will work quickly and efficiently to return your property to a pre-loss condition, repairing structural compromises and restoring water damaged materials. Through cooperation with you and your insurance provider we can address the defects leading to the loss and reduce the risk of similar losses happening in the future.

If you have an emergency, contact us 24/7 at 877-992-4321