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Water Damage

When it comes to fresh water floods, most claims can be restored with almost no loss to property or possession.

Having Universal onsite within 24 hours can mean the difference of months before your home is returned to pre-loss condition. Water damage that is left unaddressed for days or even hours, can deteriorate into a condition that is unsuitable for drying and materials may have to be removed. Depending on the size of the loss, a house that is dried can be returned to a healthy and comfortable condition in less than a week. If an excessive amount of demolition has to take place, it can be months before the home is returned to pre-loss condition due to the extent of repairs.
Also, the mess associated with a tear out, poses unneeded risks to the occupants, when a loss could have been dried had it been addressed sooner. Flood damage repair that is not professionally remediated can lead to mold and bacterial contamination which can have adverse health affects for the occupants. Structural material left with excessive moister levels can rot and deteriorate causing loss of structural integrity leading to more serious problems. Bottom line… the price of doing nothing is often more costly than having a loss dealt with properly. If you experience water damage from an unsanitary source, such as a sewage back up, drying of most materials is not an option. In these situations, everything possible is done to protect the occupants of the building and the Universal employees working on site. Universal utilizes cutting edge HEPA filtration technologies, and proven containment and removal methods to remove and clean sewage contamination in the safest way possible. Whatever type or size of flood you experience, Universal Restoration has the knowledge and resources to handle your claim professionally and promptly. At Universal Restoration, we work in accordance with the ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. Universal understands that your home is sacred and we spare no effort in restoring it to a condition even better than you remember. Utilizing cutting edge technology, Universal can locate, dry and remove wet building material, leaving you with peace of mind that your home is once again safe and sound.

How to avoid water and flood damage?

Water is the most destructive force on earth, and our homes are full of it. The average house has hundreds of appliances, fittings, pipes and connections which distribute and supply the water that we use every day. Despite your best efforts to maintain these devices, there is a good chance one of these will fail in their life time, resulting in significant water damage. However, there are many things you can do to avoid a flood…

  1. Turn off your main water shut off when going away for an extended period.
  2. Have some check your home daily when going out of town.
  3. Address leaking fixtures and water lines IMMEDIATELY. Don’t let it sit.
  4. Have a professional plumber do the installs.
  5. Avoid using cheap plumbing fixtures and parts.
  6. Don’t leave washing machines and dishwashers running when you leave the house.
  7. Don’t leave running water unattended when filling sinks and tubs.
  8. Don’t flush material down the toilet that is not intended to be flushed.
  9. Have a proper maintenance schedule for you sewer system and lines especially when your have a septic tank or when tree roots are an issue.
  10. Standard maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.

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