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Vermiculite Removal and Restoration

Safe, reliable, AHERA-Certified vermiculite removal gives you peace of mind.

Vermiculite insulation was once thought to be a miracle product by its fire-resistance and superior insulation properties and was once widely used to insulate attics, walls or chimney liners. In the 1970’s and 80’s vermiculite insulation was installed in hundreds of thousands homes and business across Canada. Prior to removing or disturbing vermiculite it should be tested as some vermiculite insulation may contain amphibole asbestos fibers and should be tested prior to disturbing.

If asbestos contaminated material is disturbed or when vermiculite is heated it can expand and release asbestos fibers. Each time you breathe the asbestos fibers into your lungs the risk of long term effects such as lung disease or cancer may occur. If you discover vermiculite insulation in your home or facility stay away from it. If it is left undisturbed there is minimal risk of the asbestos fibers. Asbestos fibres must be airborne to be inhaled. Only specially trained and certified crews will safeguard your family’s health. At Universal restorations we have the skills to offer safe, Reliable asbestos containing vermiculite abatement for both residential and commercial property owners. We are AHERA certified (Asbestos hazardous emergency response act), have a license to legally transport and dispose of hazardous waste and are properly insured for completing asbestos containing vermiculite remediation. Our compressive safety program and extensive training in asbestos remediation will protect you from the hazards associated with asbestos. Specialized equipment and controls will purify the air and remove the risks associated with removal. Once removed a encapsulate is applied on the remaining structure for your long term protection.

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