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Asbestos Abatement and Restoration

Safe, reliable, AHERA-Certified asbestos abatement for both residential and commercial property.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material that is found in rock formations around the world. Because of its tensile strength, insulating properties and resistance to heat and chemicals asbestos was widely used in a variety of common building products such as drywall mud, sprayed on textures, vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, roofing material, wall panels, electrical equipment and boiler heating and piping. Unfortunately unless you have tested to determine if a product has asbestos is difficult as asbestos is usually mixed with other materials.

It is not uncommon to find asbestos in residential and commercial structures built prior to the late 1980’s. Work safe regulations dictates that all structures built prior to 1989 should be tested for asbestos prior to being disturbed as asbestos fibers may be suspended if disturbed or is in poor condition. The risk of fiber release if asbestos containing material ore in good condition or not disturbed is minimal. If asbestos contaminated material is disturbed the risk of long term effects such as lung disease or cancer.

At Universal restorations we have the skills to offer safe, Reliable asbestos abatement for both residential and commercial property owners. We are AHERA certified (Asbestos hazardous emergency response act), have a license to legally transport and dispose of hazardous waste and are properly insured for completing asbestos remediation. Our compressive safety program and extensive training in asbestos remediation will protect you from the hazards associated with asbestos. Specialized equipment and controls will purify the air and remove the risks associated with removal.

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