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Our Philosophy

It’s so overused by now it may be cliche, and unfortunately it is overused by those who talk the talk but do not walk the walk. However, at Universal Restoration Systems, the customer is always right – no ifs, ands, or buts.

Universal Restoration Systems, Ltd. Code of Conduct for Ethical Business Behaviour

We are working in an industry that relies heavily on honesty, trust and integrity. We believe that one of the most important assets is our good reputation. This reputation has been earned over the years with customers, employees, communities and regulators. It is a result of conducting our business, and ourselves in an ethical manor, creating long term relationships built on trust. This policy works because all Universal Restoration’s people are expected to behave with honesty and integrity. This is an essential part of their selection and retention.

  1. Report & record all information accurately to all aspects on every job. Including errors or goods damaged through our handling.
  2. Do not accept or solicit any gift, favor or service deemed to be a personal benefit from any vendor, trade or customer.
  3. Respect & protect privileged information, maintain confidentiality to which we have access in the course of our duties.
  4. Avoid any interest or activity that is in conflict or the perception of conflict with the conduct of our duties.
  5. Do not make fraud or false statements.
  6. Conduct our business in compliance to all federal, provincial and municipal laws, rules and regulations including traffic laws and WCB regulations.
  7. Strive for personal and professional excellence and encourage the professional developments of others.
  8. Without infringing on legitimate personal freedom, Universal people are expected to conduct themselves with the same standards of ethical behavior outside of work as to enhance not diminish, the reputation of our company.
  9. Report any perceived or actual noncompliance with laws or procedures to the company president.
  10. Treat people with respect. We are guests in their homes and/or businesses.