The world’s fastest drying system. Now, “dry” is only a day away.

TES™ (Thermal Energy System) is a unique water-damage restoration system that accelerates the drying process to levels never before achieved. TES utilizes the “Reets Evaporation Method” which forces a high volume of heat directly to the water saturated surface.

TES dries most water damages in 30 hours or less.

Drying a water damaged home and business is important. But drying them fast is critical. The longer it takes to dry a water damaged building the more expenses and damage increase. For example: mould, floor and wall warpage, out of home costs, and other repairs increase as the structure remains wet. Speed drying a water damged structure eliminates or greatly reduces these damages and expenses.

Advantages of TES (if used properly and setup in a timely manner):

  • Dry carpet/carpet cushion in place, saving carpet cushion replacement
  • Dry the walls, sill plates, and wall cavities without removing the wall boards
  • Dry hardwoods, substrates, tile and concrete with non-destructive tenting
  • Prevent mould, rot and decay from prolonged soaking
  • Negative pressure air-flow allows inhabitants to live or work in unaffected areas of home or business
  • Inconvenience and out-of-home expenses are eliminated or greatly reduced
  • Drying without demolition–saves labour, hauling, replacement and repair
  • It’s quiet and efficient (only uses 30 to 35 amps for an average size job)

If you suffer a water loss ask for your property to be dried with TES.